Week Twelve – Article 1

For week twelve I have decided to choose an article which discusses the ethical issues revolving around free-to-play games as well as an article discussing the ethical issues arise when certain types of DRM is added to games.

The first article I chose to write about was an article titled : – Developers question the ethics of F2P design at GDC Online

The article shows some of the comments developers made during a GDC Online event in 2012. Many of the comments are brash  yet entertaining and seem to hint at how some developers feel about the freemium gaming models. An example: –

“This whole concept of freemium play, in my opinion, is the most radical form of entertainment socialism since Obama got elected” Dodson quipped. “You’ve got a whole bunch of one-percenters paying for a bunch of freeloaders.”

Pearson, Dan. “Developers Question The Ethics Of F2P Design At GDC Online”.GamesIndustry.biz. N.p., 2012. Web. 10 Apr. 2016.



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