Week Eleven

This weeks reading –

Ethics in the Virtual World:
Chapter 8: Virtual Virtues, Virtual Vices.

Do you see the relationship of STAs to POTAs more like Aristotle or Nietzsche? Explain. 

There aren’t many similarities between Aristotle’s and Nietzsche’s philosophy. “What the introduction of Nietzsche’s philosophy is designed to highlight is simply that different approaches to virtue ethics exist, and arguably none is more opposed to the Aristotelian view than Nietzsche’s”. [Page 94]

When it comes to the relationships betweens POTAs and STAs the answer can partly be “determined by what the game perceives to be a vice or a virtue.” [Page 96] Aristotle’s comments highlight that POTAs are vices and are not related with the choices of virtuous people. [page 90]

Overall I would say that I see more of a relationship between is more like Aristotle. With more innovative games being released however it may soon come a time where Nietzsche’s philosophy takes over.

Young, Garry. Ethics In The Virtual World. Durham, UK: Acumen Publishing Ltd, 2013. Print.


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